Professional and business liability insurance

Professional and business liability insurance covers you as an independent professional against professional errors. It concerns negligence, inaccuracies, faulty advice, mistakes and wrong actions. This concerns financial damage that has arisen at the client as a result of your professional actions. This is not a quote

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Do I need this insurance as a professional?

Many Self-employed Professionals who work are not properly insured. The financial damage that occurs to your client as a result of incorrect professional action can be very large. In order to properly cover you against this damage, we have developed a business risk scan, which gives you insight into the risk you run during your assignment. 

Please note: many clients and intermediaries in The Netherlands require Professional and business liability insurance

Premium and prices

The premium of the insurance

The professional and business liability insurance of ZP Zaken is the cheapest in the Netherlands. You only pay a premium of €540 per year with an All-In membership, with which you are well covered.


Collective benefits at ZP Zaken:

To gain access to this insurance, you need a membership with ZP Zaken. With this membership you can use all services and products of ZP Zaken, including insurance. The insurance has a premium of €660 per year. If you opt for a higher membership, there is a discount on your insurance premium.


25 Per year excl. VAT
  • Professional and business liability insurance for €660 per year


Per year excl. VAT
  • Professional and business liability insurance for €600 per year


Per year excl. VAT
  • Professional and business liability insurance for €540 per year

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The coverage

What does an insurance actually cover as standard?

Materiële schade

This is a supplement that covers you against material damage caused during your work.

Juridisch verweer

The insurance also covers legal defence, the statutory interest and the costs you incur to prevent or limit damage.

Een vergoeding

At the bottom of the line you can count on reimbursement of costs that you need to defend and compensate your interests, regardless of whether the claim is justified.

Beroeps- en bedrijfsaansprakelijkheid

ZP Zaken offers a combined insurance. Very convenient, everything arranged in one go!
For you

The professional liability insurance covers the financial loss suffered by the client/third parties that is caused by the Independent Professional in the exercise of his or her profession.

Kind of insurance:

Company liability

Professional liability

Per claim:

€ 2.500.000,-

€ 5.000.000,-

Per insurance year for all self-employed persons together:

€ 5.000.000,-

€ 15.000.000,-


Frequently asked questions from professionals

De Beroeps- en bedrijfsaansprakelijkheidsverzekering bij ZP Zaken heeft een jaarpremie vanaf €540,- bij een All-In lidmaatschap. Je kunt kiezen om dit jaarlijks te betalen of maandelijks. Wanneer je de keuze maakt om maandelijks te betalen, dan betaal je per maand een bedrag vanaf €50,-. De maandelijkse facturatie is inclusief administratiekosten.

Due to the agreement that we have concluded with our partner HISCOX, we can offer this insurance to our members at an advantageous premium. 

At ZP Zaken you get both insurance policies on 1 policy. It's really that easy!

Has your assignment been completed and did you immediately find a new assignment? Great! But we don't need to know that anymore. Your work is simply insured for every client. If your work changes, we would ofcourse like to know. You can easily pass this on via 

We work with industries that cover the most common professions. We can therefore guarantee that your profession can be insured with us. However, there are specific professions where it is unfortunately not possible to insure you with us sometimes. We are happy to look at the solutions together with the aim of insuring you properly. Do you want to know if we can insure your profession? Contact Michel Verheij: +31 6 51235650

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel your current insurance with another insurer. We do offer a opzegformulier which you can fill in and send to your current insurer to speed up the cancellation process.

Fortunately, you are never tied to the professional and business liability insurance of ZP Zaken. You choose to take out the insurance when you have or will have an assignment in the future. You only pay when you need the insurance. Does your assignment run for 6 months instead of a year? Then you really only pay for the 6 months that you have been working.

Does your assignment end and does it take a while before you start a new assignment? Then you can easily 'pause' the professional and business liability insurance with ZP Zaken. You can pass this on to us via We will process this within 12 hours and you will receive a confirmation from us by email and, if applicable, a credit note. Is your assignment starting again? Then you pass this on again via

Do you also carry out the same work for other clients? Then you can most likely insure these activities under the same policy. We would like to know where you work elsewhere, so that our advisor can look at the possibilities. Do you have questions about this? Please contact Michel Verheij: +31 6 51235650

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The Insurance Covers of ZP Zaken are only accessible to ZP Zaken members. ZP Zaken does not act in any way as a financial service provider or intermediary as stipulated under the Wft. The information provided will be treated with strict confidentiality. ZP Zaken works together with Verheij Groep b.v., which is registered in the register (Financial Supervision Act) with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets under license number: 12047654. ZP Zaken only offers you a purchasing advantage as a member. To make use of our purchasing advantage, you must therefore be a member of ZP Zaken or become a member. If it is established that a policy has been taken out without the insured (or his partner) being a member, ZP Zaken has the right to send an invoice to the amount of the individual contribution.